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Dear friends and valued customers,

Thanks for your attention to browse official website of LIUNINGFURS. With this opportunity, we would like to have you obtain thoroughful and detailed understanding about high quality products and top level services from us. All these efforts are just for meeting your customized and ultimate needs for various fur materials and products.

LIUNINGFURS was formed by Beijing Liuning Global Trading Co., Ltd (Beijing and Hebei in China) and OOO Liu Ning (Saint Petersburg). As most original, professional and international suppliers of various fur material and products worldwide, LIUNINGFURS are equipped with comprehensively advanced tanning and manufacturing facilities. With specializing technician and experienced staffs, our business activities cover the full streamline of fur industry ranging from raw pelt sourcing, skin tanning and dressing, fur dyeing and printing, semi-finished and finished products manufacturing until final distribution works in forms of wholesale and retail all over the world.

All these efforts are just for more close and direct partnership with customers worldwide and provide the original products and excellent service to final users without any middle steps.

With start of 2022 season, LIUNINGFURS are committed being your closest, reliable and long-term suppliers and partners. Our original status in the full streamline of fur industry will give you universal advantages of quality, service and prices in the most competitive market.

Mr. Liu Ning
General Manager of LIUNINGFURS

Address: No. 2 of Kangning Yili, North of Entertainment Square, Zaoquang County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, P.R. China (053199) Tel: +86 158-3383-9178 Web: Email: